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Uncharted Waters Online

Subas, Aug 24, 10 9:05 AM.
Uncharted Waters Online is happy to announce our CBT opening followed by a long awaited period! We sincerely appreciate each and every of you for your great patient and enthusiastic interest with UWO CBT! During the CBT, please don’t hesitate to give us comments or suggestions! We will try our best to apply all your inputs before the launch of our OBT opening.

Client Download starts August 20th 3PM [GMT+9]
Official CBT Period: From August 25th 3PM to September 6th 6PM [GMT+9]
 Join NocNoc guild for info msg NocNoc in game or yahoo for the guild is

Ranks, requests and rights

Spadasinul, Aug 1, 10 3:27 PM.

Ranks, requests and rights

New - That's a easy one. All the new entries will have this rank. This rank have no privilegies except deposit gold and items, location and guild broadcast.
Patriot - This rank is actually a "subrank" of the New rank. That means the people in this rank is totally equal at the 1st one in rights and privilegies. The only meaning of this rank is that is help us, the Administrative Council to keep traks of the romanian guildies. Considering that the first 3 decisional positions are detained by romanian players, that helps us allot to simplify the comunication into the guild. So this rank is only for romanian players and IT HAS NO ADITIONAL RIGHTS.

Sir - You can acced at this rank once you will reach 50 Bravery Points. This brings to you the right to broadcast in the union chat.
Chief-N - You can have it only if already done 200 Bravery Points and it doesnt give you no aditional rigts. But is a "must" to acceed at the next rank.
Pearl - This rank is only for meritous people. If we consider that you help the guild allot, not only with bravery, gold and items but with other kind of help too, like infos, boss rides, activity in Kingdom Wars or any other kind of activity that we might considerate helpfull you MIGHT have this rank. The promotion to this position will only be decided by the officers. This rank brings to you all the rights of the Chief-N rank plus the right to edit the Guild Anouncement.

Guard - This rank can be taken only by players up to lvl 100 wich already have the request for the Chief-N rank and have an active permanency in our guild of more than one month. Max priority: must be active in Kingdom Wars. The guards have all the rigts of the Pearl rank plus geting items from the Guild Bank and invinting people in the guild. The Guards also will have a word to say in the administrative and strategic decisions. That makes them part of the Adminitrative Council.
Dragon - We are now in the decisional positions area. At the moment this rank is only for... well, only for Spasmo :) Spasmo is kind of the sage of the guild. Sorry, Spasmo, if this one makes you feel old, lol. Spasmo have almost full rights in the guild so dont piss off him! Spasmo is our eyes and ears in the guild and when no high officer is online his decison represents our will! This rank remains opened to other players but promoting to this rank is only the decision of the High Officers Circle and IT IS NOT A QUESTIONABLE DECISON!
Demon - This is the High Officers Circle. It's not much to say about this. Genu (aka NocNoc), XxSPADASINULxX and DarkAngel - those are the 3 men that decide your fate in the guild.
Boss - This is the Guild Master rank only. No other comments about this.

NB: You can do request to promotions only for the Sir and Chief-N rank if you have the requests and we might forget to promote you. You can ask for a promotion to other ranks too, but is entirelly our call if you will get that promotion or not. The officers might refuze it without explanations. IT IS A NOT QUESTINABLE DECISION!

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